dia duit, I'm Laera!

I'm a holistic practitioner.  I relieve brain and nerve dis - ease (such as anxiety and other chronic tension) without pills by treating the cause — not just the symptom — of health issues. I'm extremely passionate about the work I do because it was my own healing journey that led me to discover the power of natural and energy medicine.


Japanese stress reduction and relaxation technique that heals stresses of all types (mental and emotional anxieties, as well as physical tensions). Hands-on and hands-off options available. Provided by a Holy Fire III Reiki Master.

Volatile aromatic compounds found in plants that have been used by humans for centuries for health care, food preparation, and beauty treatments. Oftentimes more effective than pharmaceutical drugs for healing.

Self-Realization Healing

Personalized longer-term program designed for each client to rediscover their underlying True Self. Includes non-directive, client-centered coaching, and shamanic energy healings. 

Wayne C., 
Retired Owner and CEO of Midwest Energy, Inc.

Within several days of beginning her recommended essential oils treatment, my episodes of numbness diminished. Now, one month later, I've had no episodes for ten days straight. I have immense gratitude for her guidance — I feel so indebted to her!

Having had numerous energetic sessions in the past, I can attest to the benefits I received from my Reiki session with Laera. After the session my entire body felt relaxed, and areas that are often painful were pain-free! To anyone thinking about a session with Laera, all that I can say is, “Do it!" You will not be disappointed by her quality, service, or professionalism! 

Stan A.,
Life Coach

I just had a Reiki session with Laera and it was a great experience. Mine was a ‘flavored’ session – I got to enjoy an infused scent that Laera chose based on how I was feeling. The next morning I felt restored and refreshed and awoke with energy I hadn’t had in days.

Kira S., 
Writing Coach

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