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Welcome to Wellness.

The greater mission of Laera's Lair is to restore shamanic, natural, and energy medicines to their rightful places as the default, preferred choices of treatment for health issues around the globe in the 21st century.  These options which have been dubbed "alternative" treatments throughout much of today's world deserve to be just as widely known to, available for, respected by, and utilized as those options that have come to be  known as "conventional" medicine — if not all the more so.  There is a reason they have been used for centuries, and continue to be used.

Laera's Lair meets this greater mission by offering these services directly to people from all walks of life and journeys of health, and taking on the more personalized missions of supporting individual clients in improving their health.

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Shamanic medicine maintains that caring for the soul is the most important aspect of all healing.  Throughout the human experience, unhealthy energies idle in the being, and pieces of our own divine essences get lost.

Healing sessions are spirit-guided.  Offerings include:
Soul Retrieval, Curse Unraveling, Extraction, Vitality Retrieval, and Psychopomping.


Japanese stress reduction and relaxation technique that relieves stresses of all types (mental and emotional anxieties, as well as physical and spiritual tensions). 

In-person, hands-on OR hands-off healings available. 


Provided by a Reiki Master attuned to Holy Fire III and Seichem lineages.


Volatile aromatic compounds found in plants that have been used by humans for centuries as naturally potent health care and beauty treatments . . . not to mention food flavoring and aromatherapy agents.


Less ridden with side effects, and ultimately just as (if not more than, in some cases) effective as pharmaceutical drugs and other artificial, over-the-counter treatments.


I believe that the foundation of true health care is built with the intention to address the root cause, not simply the symptom, of any health issue, and that to tend to one's spiritual health is the best preventative medicine available.  Spiritual health issues left untreated often manifest in the form of physical, emotional, and/or mental symptoms that may gradually turn into chronic health conditions over time.  Meanwhile, the healing of any medical issues that originate in the 3D realm is also expedited when treated with energy medicine (seeing as, of course, everything is energy).  Whenever the root cause of an issue is taking its time to heal, any physical, emotional, and/or mental symptoms can also be calmed with safe, natural tangible treatments to have on hand in the meanwhile. 

I am a certified shamanic energy healer and Holy Fire Reiki Master.  I'm very passionate about the work I do because it was my own healing journey that led me to discover the power of shamanic, natural, and energy medicines. 

. . . well, come to Laera's Lair . . .

. . . well, come to Laera's Lair . . .

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. . . and, get well, sooner.


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For a discussion of the soul's need for authenticity, in all of its glory . . . or for more about how my own healing path led me into the healing work that I do . . . or for a compilation of stories from myself and from numerous other women, about our individual journeys of stepping into living life as our true selves in the bestselling book we coauthored, The Beauty of Authenticity . . . or to stay up-to-date via email on whatever I have most recently found to be so inspiring, I felt inspired to share:

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I'm not so much one for inbox clutter, myself.  And I may or may not have news to share on a given month.  Rest assured, I'll only buzz you when I do.

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