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 self-realization healing programs


I offer a personalized self-realization healing program, tailored to the needs of each individual client. The program is a longer-term commitment comprised of
client-centered coaching and shamanic energy healing work.

Client-centered coaching is a non-directive, co-creative process of self-discovery and self-empowerment. I use my expertise to understand clients as fully as possible, and — because all healing originates from within! — I reflect that understanding back to clients so that they hone their understandings of themselves and what feels right to them. Shamanic energy healings supplement this process of self-realization, by furthering each client's knowing of their True Self.  

Our health can be negatively impacted when we lose sight of our True Selves. We may repeat behavioral patterns that are ultimately detrimental to us, and yet remain unable to change ourselves. B
ehavior doesn't change until mindset does; however, as long as mindset remains shaped by external factors other than our own selves, we are not acting authentically in line with what is good for us. 

Peeling away the masks that we have accrued throughout life — misplaced conceptions of our own identities! — is required for self-realization.


During private wellness coachings, I delve into an in-depth review of each client's current health, what life factors may be involved in the challenges at hand, and what progress we're making. 

and, realization of one's underlying True Self is the most expedient way to
 and my role as a wellness coach is to guide clients in their healing journey.

Coaching may include guided meditation work. 

Shamanic energy healings may include extraction work, or vitality retrievals, for example. 

The term shamanism refers to an ancient belief system — still existent today — that acknowledges the presence and influence of spirits from realities outside that of the lived human experience. A shaman is someone who has built intimate relationships with their personal spiritual allies, and uses their power and healing abilities to bring their gifts to the planet. 

Clear negative energies from your True Self with extraction healings (more often than not, it's the unseen debris that's causing dis-ease). Retrieve your energetic vitality from past energetic investments (relationships, careers, etc.).

21st-century shamanism is not associated with any religion. There is no dogma involved; each practitioner develops their own personal relationships, and ways of interacting, with energies that exist according to quantum physics.  

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