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shamanic medicine 101

Shamanism is an ancient healing and belief system that many anthropologists believe to date back over 100,000 years.  It was — and still is — used by most indigenous cultures in the world.  Native cultures spanning the globe from Siberia, India, Greenland, Africa, Asia, North and South America to Australia developed their own distinct, but basically similar, shamanic practices.

Shamanism incorporates worlds and life forces unseen to the human eye into everyday life, interacts with spirits on a regular basis, and teaches us that everything that exists is alive, has consciousness, and has a spirit.  Shamans also speak of how all of life, and the spirit that lives in all things, is interconnected through the web of life (this includes the elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, the Star Nation above, and much, much more).  A shamanic lifestyle holds vast respect for all of this life, and it is the shaman’s role in their community to maintain balance and harmony between humankind and the forces of nature.  


The shamanic healing method emphasizes that all life experiences affect the soul, and that all healing comes through the soul.  The care of the soul is of utmost importance; it is the most important aspect of healing.  The shamanic belief is that a human being is, first and foremost, a soul having a human experience, rather than vice versa.  If the soul is cared for properly, or is healed through the process of soul retrieval, this enables further healings to manifest for individuals.

A shamanic healer builds intimate relationships with spiritual allies to address the spiritual aspects of illness.  Human illness quite often manifests on an emotional, mental, or physical level, but the shaman looks for and addresses spiritual imbalance or disharmony. 

Shamanism teaches that the three classic causes of illness are loss of power, energetic intrusions and possessions, and soul loss.  One of the primary ways that shamans heal illness is through the shamanic journey, a ceremony that entails entering an altered state of consciousness to travel outside of time, into the hidden realms known as non-ordinary reality.  In these hidden realms there are helping, compassionate spirits who offer their guidance and healing help on behalf of all life on Earth. 


To say that the benefits of shamanic medicine vary widely would be an understatement.  For one thing, different shamanic healing ceremonies focus on their own specific immediate goals (examples include the services I offer of soul retrieval, cord-cutting, vitality retrieval, extraction, curse unraveling, and psychopomp work).  More noteworthy still is that the endless span of unique life journeys and experiences known to human beings brings a vast multitude of illnesses that each incur different symptoms in the physical, mental, and emotional bodies of individuals; and so, shamanic healing work naturally spawns an infinite array of unique healing paths.  Depending on the amount of work that an individual has done prior, a shamanic healing session may be the final step in one client's healing path, while the same service may be just the beginning of healing for another. 

One basic truth applicable to all shamanic healings is that no matter the type of healing performed, it is up to the client to examine how to create a healthy lifestyle and manifest healthy relationships that will support wholeness and a life filled with healing from thereon out.

Today, shamanism and energy medicine are experiencing a revival of sorts, as more and more people seek self-empowerment, alternative healing modalities, and connection to nature as well as the spiritual natures of life.  (This holds true now even more so than before in the world of Covid.)  Centuries of oppression and lack of personal spiritual connection have taken their toll; however, change is now upon us, and people are seeking their own divinity as well as their connection to and unity with the cosmos.  Shamanism is a system of direct revelation, and people are making use of processes such as spiritual journeying and connecting to the spirits in a personal way as they embark upon their seeking quests. 

Image by Joshua Newton

I am a certified shamanic energy healer.  I practice shamanic healing work because I value both the impactful results that it brings to clients, as well as the experience of working with healing energy itself. 


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