Shamanic Medicine 101

Shamanism is an ancient healing and belief system that dates back at least 40,000 years.  It was — and still is — used by most indigenous cultures in the world.  A shamanic lifestyle holds vast respect for all life, incorporates worlds unseen to the human eye into everyday life, and interacts with spirits on a regular basis.  A shamanic healer is someone who has built intimate relations with these spiritual allies, and uses their power and healing abilities to serve the planet.  


The shamanic healing method emphasizes that all life experiences affect the soul, and that all healing comes through the soul.  The care of the soul is of utmost importance; it is the most important aspect of healing.  The shamanic belief is that a human being is, first and foremost, a soul having a human experience, rather than vice versa.  If the soul is cared for properly, or is healed through the process of soul retrieval, this enables further healings to manifest for individuals. 

To say that the benefits of shamanic medicine vary widely would be an understatement.  Given the enormous range of life journeys and experiences known to individual humans, it follows that shamanic healing work addresses an enormous range of health issues spanning the physical, mental, and emotional bodies of individuals.


I am a certified shamanic energy healer.  I practice shamanic healing work because I value both the results that it brings to clients, as well as the experience of channeling the energy itself.


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