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Shamanic Healing services, pricing & discounts



The soul retrieval is a major healing that requires three appointments:
first, an extraction session (1-3 hours; to clear unwanted energies and make room for returning soul parts); second, the soul retrieval itself (1-3 hours; typically the day after extraction); and third, a follow-up session (30-60 minutes).  All together, the soul retrieval experience can take anywhere from 2.5 - 7 hours of appointment time.  However, I do not charge by the hour, given that there is no telling in advance how long any particular session will take.



one soul retrieval ( 3 sessions ): $395



Extraction healings are also offered as stand-alone healing sessions, to remove any unwanted energies not of one's own divine essence from the being. 


one extraction ( 1 session ) : $150



If you are interested in shamanic healing work, but a monetary exchange of energy doesn't feel quite right for you at this time, please reach out anyway.  I'm open to brainstorming, and the possibility of bartering to work out a mutually beneficial trade.




Different shamanic healing sessions require different homework on the part of the client, some of which is more extensive than others (for example, to keep a dream journal both before and after a soul retrieval session is highly recommended).  Contact me for more information about specific services.

If you are inspired to reach out to me of your own volition for a shamanic healing, I presume that you are, of course, open in your heart and mind to receiving such work.  It is worth stating that this openness on the part of the client is fundamental to an effective healing session -- in fact, not just openness, but full-on enthusiasm is most highly recommended! 

Please do not try to schedule a healing for someone else.  Healing begins on the day the client sets the ball in motion by scheduling. 
Change starts from within. 


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