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To find a healer with impeccability, who is able to set aside their ego 

and fully be present, with such subtle awareness of the body's 

energy, is rare.  Laera combines a refined 

compassion, an intuitive sensibility, and an understanding 

of the value of healing with a well-developed sense of the

role of the healer and the person being healed. 


On the receiving end, you need only to be ready and willing,

and able to remain open to what she brings to the journey. 

~ Jimmy Tardy, Companion Carer


Laera is a gifted healer.  I received about four reiki healing sessions from her and, as a reiki level 2 healer myself, I felt the flow of energy quite strongly and was

struck by Laera's grounding presence and how easily reiki seems to flow through her. 

She seems like a powerful, neutral vessel and I felt the healing energy flowing from her even from a distance. 


Highly recommended! 

~ Becca Stuhlbarg, Music Teacher


I just had a Reiki session with Laera and it was a great experience.  Mine was a ‘flavored’ session – I got to enjoy an infused scent that Laera chose based on how I was feeling. 

The next morning I felt restored and refreshed and

awoke with energy I hadn’t had in days.


~ Kira S., Writing Coach


I had such a beautiful experience while receiving Reiki that

I was gushing about it to Laera for minutes afterward. 


I saw rainbows! 


~ Stephanie W.


Before I reached out to Laera for a consultation, I'd been having anywhere from four to six episodes of numbness in the left side of my face, in my fingers, and in my toes every day for three months. This numbness would just come upon me.  Within several days of beginning her recommended essential oils treatment, the episodes diminished. 

Now, one month later, I've had no episodes for ten days straight.


I have immense gratitude for her guidance — I feel so indebted to her!

~ Wayne C., Retired Owner and CEO of Midwest Energy, Inc.


I came into my appointment with Laera, energetically feeling as if I were a tightly wrung towel . . . and I left feeling as if I had not only been energetically untwisted, but also as if all of my energetic wrinkles had been ironed out! 


She's awesome!


~ Jennifer Woff, Relationship Life Coach


Laera Morrow is the Reiki practitioner I will recommend to my friends. 

I felt stuck energies move that had been blocked for years.


~ Jordan Weiss, Mycologist


My experience with Laera was magical — meeting her put my entire body at ease. 

The atmosphere in the room was warm and inviting. 

When Laera hovered her hands above me,

I could feel my entire energetic body rising to meet her. 


My mind, body, and soul lit up. 

I recommend Laera to all of my friends.


~ Shannon Beckett, Retired Military Commander


My Reiki session with Laera was fantastic. 

From the moment I walked in the door I felt comfortable and at ease.  As soon as the session started I could feel parts of my body tingling and energy starting to move. 

It didn't take long till I drifted off to a wonderfully peaceful sleep. 


I awoke at the end of the session feeling relaxed and refreshed

as if I'd slept for hours . . .

I would highly recommend Laera to anyone,

thank you for the beautiful experience! 


~ Kristopher Brown, Massage Therapist


This practitioner has no ego; allowing her to serve as the “hollow bone" we all search for in a healer.  Because she is energetically so quiet, her work is deceptively powerful. 


Highly recommended. 


 ~ Stephanie LH Barrie, Retired Attorney


I entered my first wellness coaching and Reiki healing session with Laera while I was experiencing some painful neck tension, which she brought relief to during our visit through guided meditations that consisted of visualizations as well as suggestions for the movements of energy.  After I shared with Laera my feelings of having been carrying weightiness around, she coached me through the importance of opening myself up to share my energy, and allowing my connection to the earth to flow. 

The suggestions that Laera offered during our coaching session were not only helpful in a practical way, but were also conducive to self-discovery.  The Reiki that Laera offered was also very helpful for my healing.  I felt much lighter and more open to receiving healing energy immediately after our session, and I kept feeling good throughout the entire week thereafter.


~ Pete Sada, General Contractor


Having had numerous energetic sessions in the past, I can attest to the benefits I received from my Reiki session with Laera.  After the session my entire body felt relaxed, and areas that are often painful were pain-free! 


To anyone thinking about a session with Laera, all that I can say is, “Do it!" 

You will not be disappointed by her quality, service, or professionalism! 


~ Stan Alexander, Life Coach


I had my first Reiki experience ever a couple weeks ago, with Laera.

Laera’s practice is located in the Everett House Community Healing Center, in a very nice quiet room within a building that is probably over 100 years old.  The room itself had a very nice vibe with an ambience which was peaceful and calming. 

The session lasted for one hour.  Laera asked me if there were any areas that I would like her to focus on.  I am generally in pretty good health – but I do have a couple injuries that I asked her to focus on.  One of those was a torn tendon or ligament in my elbow which was a recent injury and the other was a disfigured arthritic finger that I had broken about six months ago.

The Reiki session was very relaxing and enjoyable.  The energy felt really good.  I felt like she was releasing trapped energy, which resulted in reducing tension in all the muscles and joints that she worked on.  When she worked on the joints that were injured, I could feel mild pain as the energy flowed through and out of them.  I noticed this also to be quite strong on my right knee which was not noticeably injured but did have an old injury from years ago.

The whole experience made me feel better and more relaxed overall. I did not notice any change or improvement in my elbow injury.  However, I did notice a remarkable improvement in my finger.   Although not totally better, there was definite improvement.  It had been swollen around the knuckle for months and the swelling was visibly reduced. It also felt a lot more flexible and there was hardly any pain in its use.  From what I have seen, Reiki seems to be a lot more effective in treating chronic long term conditions than acute injuries – but I still don’t know much about it.

I do know that this is a disciplined practice and Laera along with other certified practitioners have comprehensive training in healing people through the techniques utilized.  I would highly recommend this to someone who has chronic injuries, pain, or would just like a way to relax and feel more grounded. 

As I had stated, I felt definite releases of blocked energy where ever she focused and I do believe that this resulted in significant benefit to my health and wellbeing.


~ Triorco Unanue, Programming Engineer


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