I am a certified Reiki Master who has been attuned to both Usui/Holy Fire III and Seichem Reiki lineages. Reiki (pronounced RAY-kee) is a non-invasive Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that brings healing to all energetic aspects of a person. The removal of negative energy blockages — the energetic debris that accumulates throughout daily life in this reality as we humans know it — is what facilitates the healing of one's authentic self that lies beneath. 


  • MENTAL: calmness and clarity replace left-brain mind chatter 

  • PHYSICAL: aches and pains of the body dissolve 

  • EMOTIONAL: feelings of being filled with energy of the highest frequency — unconditional love — uplift the mood 


Translated, Reiki means, “Divinely Guided Universal Life Force Energy". This universal energy brings relief to all sorts of ailments, which is why Reiki is sought after as one of the most powerful healing modalities on Earth. Because its effectiveness cannot be ignored even by mainstream Western medicine, Reiki is increasingly being offered by major American hospitals such as Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic

Reiki is performed as a practitioner gently places their hands above, or on, a client's body (depending on the client's preferences), and channels Reiki energy. 

Reiki is not associated with any religion. 


I practice Reiki because I value both the results that it brings to clients, as well as the experience of channeling the energy itself.