Reiki FAQs



In Japan, “Rei" means “Divine/Universal", and “Ki" means “Life Force Energy". Reiki is so named because it involves channeling this universal energy to heal the body's life force energy: “Divinely Guided Universal Life Force Energy".

Ki — also known as “Prana" in India, “Qi" or “Chi" in China, and “Ti" or “Ki" in Hawaii — flows in and around everything.

Each of us humans is an energy system that can be described as gaseous, floating particles — a 3D matrix of energy fields. We feel our most happy, healthy, and in alignment with our true nature when Ki is flowing smoothly. 

However, our Ki is often depleted through our interactions with the world around us.


When we are depleted of our own life force energy, we are all the more vulnerable to picking up energies that others have randomly left behind, which can be negative in form.

(We all leave our own energetic footprints wherever we go, just like dust trails. These energetic dust trails inevitably lead to energetic dust bunnies collecting in random places, such as the auric fields of those with whom we share planetary space.) 

As energetic dust gets entangled in our energy fields, this can manifest energetic blockages and cause health problems — and, as the law of attraction would have it, negative energies attract other negative energies, further compounding these problems.

When Ki is blocked or congested, people often feel depressed, sore, or stressed (just to name a few symptoms).

Reiki is the channeling of universal energy into the body to clear blockages and allow one's life force energy to again flow freely, as it does in one's natural state.

Reiki helps provide relief for an infinite list of ailments. (Many healthcare professionals now accept Reiki as a component of an effective integrative healing plan for patients with cancer, for example.)



New clients arrive a few minutes early to fill out an intake form. 

Each session begins with a brief consultation (some clients come for healing to address a particular issue, while others come for a routine uplift of energy). I answer any questions a client may have, and we set an intention for our healing session. 

During healing, the client lies down fully clothed while I channel Reiki energy for 60, 90, or 120 minutes. I hover my hands above them, as I feel into their energy and work with their aura (most dis-ease actually originates in the aura — the subtle electromagnetic field that emanates from each person).

If the client is comfortable with touch, I also place my hands on their body in various ethical positions. During this process, the client falls into a deeply relaxed state.

After the session, I gently guide the client back into awareness. We share our experiences.

I offer advice, such as meditations and/or essential oils, that can be used to maintain their newly rediscovered sense of lightness.



During a Reiki session, some clients feel a flowing stream of energy throughout the physical body. Some clients sense a warmth, or an electrical tingling sensation emanating from my hands.

Some clients fall asleep during the session, only to awaken revitalized afterward. 

After sessions, clients have reported pain relief, newfound mental clarity, and an overall sense of being “in-tune". This feeling can last for days. 

It should be noted that Reiki will not override the free will of a client. Just as massage will not be effective for a client who keeps their muscles tightened throughout, Reiki will not flow into a client if they do not open to, and invite in, the energy being offered.

Different bodies experience energy in different ways.


Whatever a client's unique experience, they afterward always feel lightened — positively energized, and yet calmly so.



Reiki carries no ill side effects, and there are no known cases of Reiki interacting with any medications.

Reiki has actually been known to relieve side effects from anesthesia, radiation treatment, and chemotherapy. (Many cancer patients have claimed that Reiki helps with pain management, relaxation, and side effects of treatment including nausea and stomach upset.) 

Reiki complements any medical treatment by stimulating the body's own natural healing process.