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Flourish in the New Year

Allow me to reiterate: it's NOT too late to ride this wave of change as 2018 unfolds! For some of us, surfing that wave includes definitive goal-setting. But as we set our goals, it's important to bear in mind a few things that determine the likelihood of our flourishing in our pursuit of them, and ultimately acheiving them. One important factor we often overlook in the setting of our personal goals is our interpersonal relationships. Relationships can be critical to the overall sense of support that we feel. We live in such an independence-driven culture in the U.S. that we sometimes lose sight of this (as a wellness coach, I've seen folks put their development of social connections on the back burner, even once realizing that it's key to their personal definition of happiness).

Maintaining healthy relationships can play a major role in whether we succeed at our goals, and that's just one factor listed in this article by Caroline Benner's article in Greater Good Magazine.

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