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Women Rocking Business in 2018

One thing I appreciate about Portland is the high number of residents here who follow their true passions. (Really, kudos to anyone anywhere who does so!) And, sometimes it's a person's New Year's resolution to start a business doing just that. I'm truly overjoyed to see more and more folks working for themselves. If going pro with your passion is one resolution you've got for the new year, I have some insights to offer: business training can be quite helpful; and, avoid scams. As I continue launching Laera's Lair, I'm incredibly happy to have found that there are legit business training programs out there! I say this as someone who once made the regrettable decision to invest in a program offered by well-known "success coach" Tony Robbins, and later felt immensely ripped off and regretful about the price I'd paid. (Tony is a master sleazy salesman.) On the OTHER hand, after signing up with Sage Lavine's Women Rocking Business program, I was impressed and surprised. I've found the encouraging camaraderie and support of fellow women entrepreneurs, and have learned a lot about business. (For one thing, the world of business is NOT all about competition. Not doing it the "women's way" that Sage promotes!) If you're interested, take a look at the type of material Sage offers by taking this quiz that tells you what kind of workshop leader you are. Reply to this newsletter if you're interested in even more free business-training material from Sage's program. Enrollment for Sage's next Leading Events that Change Lives program is January 15-22, 2018.

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