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Essential Oils: Not Just for Humans!

Seeing as my focus is on homo sapien clients living with brain and/or nerve dis-ease, I wasn't expecting to delve into the realm of veterinary care anytime soon. But, two months ago, I met a man who was prepared to say goodbye to his dog of seven years. And, I helped change that dog's fate by sharing my story. Dave's Labrador Retriever, Whoopsie Daisy, was having trouble pooping (could only pass liquid), and she'd even begun to refuse food (highly unusual for a Lab). Dave took her to the vet, and an ultrasound taken December 7, 2017, revealed advanced liver cancer as the cause. The vet said that Whoopsie had not even weeks, but only DAYS, to live. This photo shows a lethargic Whoopsie, barely able to stand upright, given the difficulty of rolling up from her side with her grotesquely distended belly (taken December 11, 2017):

As I often do, I had already told Dave my story about how essential oil of Frankincense put a stop to my daily multiple epileptic seizure episodes. (It's the natural crescendo to my answering the question, "So, what brought you to Portland?") This had already piqued Dave's interest in essential oils, which he'd known nothing about. Once Dave told me his sad story of how Whoopsie was expected to be dead in probably 48 hours, I did a bit of research and found a number of dog owners reporting that none other than ( . . . drumroll, please . . . ) FRANKINCENSE OIL has healed their dogs' liver cancer. I gave this information to Dave. He was skeptical, but he figured that he had nothing to lose, and so promptly began applying Frankincense oil topically to Whoopsie's belly on December 12. By the next day, the swelling had immensely gone down, and she was standing again (though, "her eyes hadn't fully come back", as Dave puts it). This photo was taken December 13, 2017:

Upon learning of these expedient results in December, the vet told Dave, "That's not supposed to happen!", and remarked that she was "dying of curiosity" to read Whoopsie's next ultrasound, which is scheduled for next Thursday. In the meantime, while awaiting the scheduled ultrasound, Dave's been an avid Facebook user over the past 6 weeks, posting photos documenting Whoopsie's recovery. Here is Whoopsie still more recently, fully alert once again (taken December 15, 2017):

And, this beautiful photo illustrates that to describe Whoopsie as "alert" is an understatement. She's playing fetch once again in full-on Retriever fashion (taken January 13, 2018):

Stay tuned, for some videos of Whoopsie in all her glory, and the vet's final say on the matter!

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