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March 2018: Spring Equinox

Today marks the 2018 Spring Equinox. It now officially 'tis the season for planting seeds, whether or not you're working in the soil! This equinox marks a time for us to take action with our intentions — which means that if you aren't already clear on your intentions, it serves as a calling to take a moment, sit down, and check in with yourself as to what those intentions actually are. If this describes your situation, you're in luck, because with this transition in season comes greater clarity on just what needs movement in our lives. In the class I'm currently taking at LightSong, we just recently discussed the power of intention, as well as how important it is that one be an energetic match for whatever their intended outcome is in order for them to acheive it. Our intentions and beliefs are immensely powerful because they are vibrations that we channel out into the multiverses through our auric fields. However, it's far too easy for us to lose sight of the power of these energies. There's a reason that, outside of the realm of shamanic studies, you've heard the saying, "Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it." It's true.

One reason that this piece of advice is often served with a sense of foreboding in faerie tales is that clarity is a key ingredient when it comes to successfully attaining goals. We humans are creator beings — we have the capability to manifest that which we envision, sometimes rendering innovative inventions of either the material or abstract sense. However, many a literary protagonist doesn't know just what it is they want until after having undergone the hero's journey that sheds light on their goal for them. My teacher gave the excellent example of how setting the goal to become stronger is too vague. Other beings in other realms hear us and our desires as we voice them, and in this example they may just fulfill our request by opening any and all pathways that will enable us to practice strengthening! (It makes me wince to fathom a few of the paths by which strengthening could unintentionally be rendered physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.)

As for the importance of being an energetic match, know that whatever your intended outcome is, your own frequency has to be close enough to its frequency to be able to receive that outcome. Keep in mind that when it comes to energy, like attracts like. For controlling our frequencies, embodyment is one of our biggest tools. Embodyment can be practiced by holding a particular feeling whose frequency you want to achieve. This can be done by bringing up a positive memory at any particular moment, or by pausing to feel gratitude for all that you have in this life. (Psychologists maintain that we have the power to change our own emotions in as little as 16 seconds, by focusing on whatever emotion we want to acheive.) Once you've clarified your intention, I suggest that you take some time to imagine you've already achieved it. And note: how do you feel, having achieved that goal? To practice embodyment, note: what feelings are you already familiar with that may enable you to match the frequency of that goal, and thereby beacon it closer to you?

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