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Rise above Rx: 3 Keys to Naturally Heal Brain and Nerve Dis-Ease

This workshop hosted by Laera's Lair is for those living with brain or nerve dis-ease that is neurological, psychological, or emotional in nature, who are ready to look beyond pharmaceuticals that only quash symptoms and instead begin healing the root causes of health issues. This workshop especially benefits those living with longer-term dis-ease that has been dubbed "intractable" by conventional medicine. However, one's health issues need not be "officially" diagnosed by conventional medicine in order to reap benefit from this workshop. Workshop includes: discussions of releasing and receiving energies; journaling, visualization, and partnered exercises; and guided meditation work. Location: Linden Apartment Complex Community Room (1st floor), 1250 E Burnside St., Portland, OR 97214. RSVP required. Email for payment and location details.

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