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Wednesday BOGO

Today's BOGO is perfect for camping season: buy 30 mL TerraShield spray, and get 15 mL Melaleuca free.

TerraShield contains sundry essential oils and other plant oils known to provide defense against environmental annoyances in a safe, natural way, because no outdoor protection is known to be greater than Mother Nature's own offerings. This one can be either sprayed on the body, or diffused on the patio or tent area to protect from insects. Contents include Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood, Catnip, and several others. Learn more:

Melaleuca, also known as tea tree oil, is perhaps best known for its cleansing and rejuvenating effect on the skin. It can also be ingested to protect against environmental threats, and promotes healthy immune function when ingested. Learn more:

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