Writer Wrote, Key Speaker Spoke

February 20, 2019


The written word has been a long-standing ally of mine for quite some time now. (I do call myself a writer, after all.) 

But, then there are those times when written words aren't the ideal method of communication. You know . . . whether it's the painfully cramped spacing of my newsletter text becoming visible only once after I've checked the preview option, and it's now officially been sent out (thanks, Wix.com!
. . . OR, it's my website server automatically adhering the title "Whose Termination I am Trying to Celebrate" to the title of last month's Happy New Year blog post when it was emailed out (thinking back, I believe I had intended to write something about seed germination, and how the hibernation time that is winter reminds us to look forward to exactly that) . . . OR, technological complications aside, it's a simple matter of how intonation can get lost in translation once something is read in printed text.

Don't despair — I'm not gonna ditch the blogging anytime soon! In FACT, I'll do even more of it as 2019 continues to unfold.

And — most importantly — I'm going to keep finding events to speak at in person. Because once I'm there before a live crowd, there's nothing standing between my mouth and their ears, but for the air that is so graciously offering itself as a conduit of my spoken words. Plus, it's just a nice, refreshing reclamation of personal power to know that the only way technology can fuck up the situation at hand is if/when an audience member's smart phone emits the latest software upgrade's newest alert chime x.0.

It does just so happen that I did engage in my first-ever public speaking gig as owner of Laera's Lair this month. POWER (Portland Oregon Women Entrepreneurs' Roundtable) always serves as such an amazing group of women to share space (and now, my story) with! <3

Whether it's done at a more "official" speaking event . . . or through busking in the streets of St. John's, and singing messages to be heard with the musical entourage I live with . . . or just by getting technology to cooperate as I do do more of my blogging . . . I'm already speaking out more now than I ever have before in my life.

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April 17, 2019

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