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Writer, Wrote . . . Key Speaker, Spoke!

So, the written word has been a long-standing ally of mine for quite some time now. My go-to method of communication, really. But, there are always those times when written words don't exactly come through as intended. You know . . . whether's it's the cramped spacing of my newsletter text making itself apparent only once AFTER it's officially been sent out . . . OR, it's my website server automatically adhering the name of the 365-day stint WHOSE TERMINATION I AM TRYING TO CELEBRATE to the title of last month's Happy New Year blog post when it's emailed out (because . . . it was still December when I began typing the post?) . . . OR, it's a simple matter of how intonation can get lost in translation when read. Don't despair — I'm not gonna ditch the blogging anytime soon! In FACT, I'll do even more of it as 2019 continues to unfold. And — most importantly — I'm going to keep finding events to speak at in person. Because once I'm there before a live crowd, there's nothing standing between my mouth and their ears but for the air so graciously offering itself as a conduit of my words. And it's just a nice, refreshing reclamation of personal power to know that the only way technology can fuck up a given situation is if/when an audience member's smart phone emits the latest software upgrade's newest alert tinkle x.0 (and, what the hell . . . we've all evolved in this lifetime — in our more "modernized" of societies — to tune those out on the fly by now, anyway). It so happens that I DID engage in my first-ever public speaking gig as owner of Laera's Lair at this month's POWER (Portland Oregon Women Entrepreneurs' Roundtable) event. What an amazing group of women to share space (and my story) with <3 Whether it's more of the "official speaking" events . . . OR, more of the spreading of words through the magic of the musical entourage I'm now living with . . . or, even just getting the technology to comply as I DO do more of my blogging . . . I'm already speaking out more now than I ever have before in my life.

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