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I’ve been busy coauthoring a book. (That's where all my writing time has gone for the past several weeks!) About two months ago, a publishing company contacted me out of the blue and invited me to be part of an anthology. I’m somewhat skeptical of cold calls, of course . . . but I did my research . . . I found that Powerful You! Publishing is dedicated to sharing wisdom, and has 11 Amazon bestsellers to their name . . . I decided they seem legit . . . and I dove in. The book is entitled The Beauty of Authenticity. It's coming out next month! The chapter I wrote tells the story of my healing journey: from having been diagnosed with “intractable” epilepsy as a freshman in high school . . . to working as a medical writer in New York City . . . to getting (literally) knocked on my ass when “anti”-epilepsy drug Levetiracetam made my seizures exponentially worse . . . to the struggles and strifes of finding a solution for my random losses of consciousness . . . to finally finding the answer I needed once I chose acceptance and stopped looking for an answer . . . to now working as a natural healer of shamanic and energy medicine in Portland, Oregon. So, I’m excited to be getting published again soon. What can I say? I'm no social media master (as you perhaps can tell from the frequency of my blog posts here . . . heh), but, that's okay. The old-school paperback will always take precedence over the "book of faces" in my . . . well . . . book, anyway.

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