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Living Authenticity: Release Energy Blocks and Ye Shall Receive Healing (NOW - May 22)

. . . that's the name of the interview that Powerful You! Publishing hosted with me for the Authenticity Summit, another celebration of the impending release of our coauthored work, The Beauty of Authenticity. Register for the summit here to hear it!

It's also a good idea to register if your answer to either of these questions is yes: Would you like to feel more REAL as you move through each day—no matter what’s in front of you? Do you need some guidance and inspiration to help you live with more confidence, strength, vibrancy, and a true sense of well-being?

You’re invited to join the incredible women of this summit as we share our stories, strategies, tools, and sometimes hard-won wisdom! Each woman featured in this summit shares her soul, and provides guidance, tips, and practical advice based on her own journey of living in alignment with her heart and highest values. You will learn how she changed her mindset, adjusted her habits, and alchemized her ways of being. She'll speak of her experiences and how she manifested shifts in her emotional state, psyche, relationships, body, and spirit.

The Authenticity Summit provides 10 days of inspiration, motivation, encouragement, and lessons — especially for you. (My apologies for posting the link to this summit a day late . . . I've been doing well to keep up with all the promos about the book sent to Laera's Lair's direct mailing list! . . . BUT, that said, the summit is free, in any case.)

You CAN live authentically, from your heart, inspired by your soul. We’ll help you do it!

Wishing you peace, ease, and joy ~

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